Offshoring jobs can be a patriotic act

Offshoring jobs can be a patriotic act… offensive as that may sound.

Can we all just accept that Manufacturing will continue to trend towards being done offshore and turn around and take a look at the MUCH bigger issue about to hit that we can doing something about……. The Offshore production of professional services. The impact of white collar work of all kinds moving Offshore is going to be huge in number, and occur quickly and quietly. It will make current manufacturing job losses look like a drop in the ocean.

It wont happen due to your local companies hiring offshore team members. It will happen through Asian based firms (not necessarily large ones), filling a production team here in Asia and then going and setting up, or buying “fronts” in Western countries. They will look local but will have only a skeleton staff on the ground, they will be staffed up to the eyeballs offshore, with low cost, quality professionals every bit as capable as local ones.

Get off your campaigns of insulting businesses who choose to hire outside your border and open up the debate so people are not afraid to talk about it. Blocking sensible conversation is only HELPING foreign entrants into your market by ensuring your smaller businesses are completely unprepared to handle what is about to happen.

I’ll tell you what, I’d rather not be a smaller business competing against a hungry Asian firm on my own turf, while they can still play by their home rules. I’d rather my local firms build the skills of running international teams now, than be forcing them not to. They will need those skills already operational when these Asian based firms start buying local companies to run as the local ‘front’, with all real production running in engines rooms back in Asia, operating off a much lower cost base.

As a customer you wont know you are dealing with a foreign firm, and your local businesses wont be able to match it and stay alive. It’s in your national interest to get your local businesses into the best possible position as soon as possible. As strange as it may sound, Offshoring some jobs to enable this is a patriotic act.

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